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Current emulsions and water-soluble formulas become unstable for a variety of reasons listed below. monarQh solved these issues by inventing nanoQuick! 




Emulsions become unstable for a variety of reasons. Emulsions, even those that utilize multiple emulsifiers are thermodynamically unstable systems that break apart via four manners: flocculation, creaming/sedimentation, coalescence and ostwald ripening. Additionally, emulsions do not address water insoluble active ingredients since they only attempt to dissolve the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (“API”) in an oil and contain the API via an Oil in Water (“O/W”) emulsion. 





Current water-soluble formulas are primarily focused on utilizing single excipients to achieve a basic water-soluble formula when creating a micelle that binds/contains the API. 


Micelle Entropy:


These formulations become unstable for a variety of reasons based on the structural stability of the micelle that is influenced by the complicated environmental and physiological behaviors, such as salt concentration, solvents, temperature, pH and the non-active ingredients that the micelles reside in prior to consumption. We refer to this as “Micelle Entropy”.


monarQh NanoQuick water soluble solution
Micelle imageswater soluble colloidal suspension


nanoQuick is not an emulsion, it is a true water-soluble pharma grade drug delivery system that functions at the molecular level.


nanoQuick is a fully tunable Patent Pending infusion technology that creates a stable nano-particle sized water-soluble micellar colloidal suspension for cannabinoids and other water insoluble APIs. It improves water solubility and micelle stability, enhances the absorption potential, and increases the bioavailability using food grade ingredients and lab tested processes.

Absorption Happens Immediately! 

It's all about getting the APIs into the bloodstream so they can flow to the correct receptor sites and locations to stimulate the desired response. Usually the liver to processes these API's but nanoQuick is different, It's water soluble and functions at the molecular level so the absorption begins in seconds at the various soft tissue locations (mouth, throat and stomach) for near immediate effects!

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