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monarQh Water Soluble Solution molecules


Proven commercially available solutions ready for client testing and implementation 

Scalable and affordable 3rd party equipment designed for small to large producers

Easy to implement formulation spreadsheets and processes meeting GMP standards

testing lab interaction for consistent testing and approval. One benefit of licensing our technology is that the water soluble solutions are produced on site by your staff. There are no delays or large capital commitments compared to licensing other emulsion technology requiring quarterly commitments and/or off site production. You only pay for what you actually need controlling your cost and the ability to quickly manage the current market contractions and expansions.


We license the nanoQuick technology to commercial pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cannabinoid product producers. We apply this technology to your APIs by reviewing your products and applying the correct nanoQuick profile.  monarQh’s formulation technologies and capabilities include:

A) Pre-formulation Testing

B) Data-driven formulation Screening

C) Immediate and delayed API release

D) Preclinical through final commercialized product oversight

E) Increased % of the API being absorbed into the system

F) Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient “API” assessment 

Oral, sublingual and GI absorption API development

API Intermediate and finished product development

solutions, duspensions, liquid-filled capsules, topicals

G) Premarket Development, flavor profiles, active and

supporting ingredients 

F) Packaging compatibility testing: We have tested the

nanoQuick technology in plastic, glass, tetrapak and

aluminum cans. 


Approximately 70% of API’s are considered to have either poor bioavailability or a significant food effect on API bioavailability due to poor solubility and by not addressing the biomechanics of the human body. Conventional emulsion and water soluble formulations are limited in their in-vivo absorption performance.

monarQh offers several technologies to improve the bioavailability of water insoluble APIs:


A) Particle Size Reduction

B) Lipid Delivery


C) Complexation


Since our roots started on the creation and producing of products we have contacts in the ingredient, labeling and packaging arenas to help with costing and speed to market.


A) Ingredient sourcing

B) Packaging sourcing

C) Label and bag sourcing

D) NanoQuick licensing for strategic partners

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