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Your API's made better! nanoQuick does this by addressing the three primary control points when creating and delivering the API into the body:  





When an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient ("API") is administered intravenously (systemic circulation into the bloodstream), its bioavailability is 100%. However, when oil-soluble API’s are administered via routes other than intravenous, its bioavailability is generally lower due to intestinal endothelium absorption and first-pass metabolism through the liver. When trying to absorb water insoluble APIs their poor aqueous solubility limits their bioavailability by an estimated 80% with the bulk being cleared by both the digestive system and first pass metabolism in the liver never making it into the bloodstream. 


nanoQuick solves this issue by turning these oil-soluble API’s into easily absorbable particles that behave as water soluble APIs. The mainstream Cannabis Industry focuses on oil based delivery formulations.





A nanoparticle is a small particle that ranges between 1 to 100 nanometres (“nm”) in sizeas defined by the stringent European Commission standards. Undetectable by the human eye, nanoparticles can exhibit significantly different physical and chemical properties to their larger material counterparts. nanoQuick creates nanoparticle sizes in the range of < 30 nm. By creating API particle sizes this small absorption is exponentially increased at mouth, throat and stomach locations with effects typically felt in 5 minutes!


Here’s a size of nanoparticles compared to other structures:

Particle Type                                  Diameter Size Range


Nanoparticles:                                          1 to 100 nm


Coarse particles (dust):                      2500 to 10,000 nm


Paper Thickness:                                     100,000 nm


nanoQuick incorporates absorption enhancers to improve the absorption of the API. Absorption permeability refers to an agent whose function it is to increase absorption by enhancing membrane permeation. nanoQuick incorporates absorption enhancers to improve the absorption of the API.

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